National Public school has a good reputation in Panchgani. We are not just admitting your kid in the school but trying hard on them for the betterment of each one of them. 


Science is also an important subject. We have separate and best practical environment to explain each and every concept of science to the students. We have "Educomp Education Partner" which has thousands of video tutorials of all the subjects.


We have separated slow learner students without letting them, and trying hard on them that they must be able to read and write languages. Then only they will compete with others.


Geography, means the study of an environment around us. It is very interesting subject if we use proper tools like maps, videos & pictures to explain the students. Even it can be applied to History subject too. It will help students to learn enthusiastically.


Even we have separate arrangement for mathematics, an important subject. We start with the basics of Mathematics. Our teachers are taking good care that every student must know the basics of maths. 

Physical Education

We have various activities right from early morning till evening. We carry activities like jogging, walking sessions, running, mountain climbing etc. Along with this we have sports, yoga, meditation and healthy food. This will make sure that their physical and mental health will be maintained consistently.

Academics is not just about the progress of a student, on paper but it is an overall improvement of a student. There are several aspects like educational subjects, language skills, mathematical skills, knowledge of surrounding, practical skills, physical health, mental health, healthy food etc. which will be very helpful to us to nurture them in a proper way. We always give our students, a liberty to set their targets which they can accomplish easily. It will help them to strengthen themselves.